Veteran's Resources

Buncombe County offers several resources for veterans, including the Veterans Treatment Court and the Blue Ridge Honor Flight. The Veterans Treatment Court is a specialized court designed to provide support to veterans who have been charged with non-violent offenses related to their mental health or substance abuse issues. The court offers a range of services, including counseling, treatment, and legal assistance, to help veterans overcome these challenges and avoid future involvement in the criminal justice system. The Blue Ridge Honor Flight is another valuable resource for veterans, providing free trips to Washington, D.C. for World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War veterans to visit their respective memorials. These trips offer veterans the opportunity to connect with other veterans and share their experiences, while also recognizing their service and sacrifices for our country. Both of these resources are vital in providing support and honoring the service of our veterans in Buncombe County.

Veterans Treatment Court

Blue Ridge Honor Flight

Profile Of A Veteran


The profile of a United States veteran encompasses a diverse range of individuals who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Veterans come from various backgrounds, ages, and genders. They can be young men and women who recently completed their service or older individuals who served in past conflicts such as Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan. Veterans may have served in different branches of the military, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard. Some veterans have had extensive combat experience, while others may have served in non-combat roles. Their length of service can vary, with some serving for a few years and others committing to long careers. It is important to recognize that the profile of a U.S. veteran is diverse, reflecting the rich tapestry of individuals who have dedicated themselves to the service of their country.

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